Sustainable start-up Coral Eyewear to equip Alexander with glasses made of recycled fishing nets

Alexander is partnering with Coral Eyewear, an innovative start-up brand crafting beautifully designed glasses frames from waste plastic and abandoned fishing nets.

Each year, around 640,000 tonnes of abandoned fishing nets contribute to plastic pollution in our oceans, taking 600 years to break down and causing harm to animals through ingestion and entanglement. Coral Eyewear is helping reduce this waste by reusing it and creating infinitely recyclable and stylish eyewear frames, supporting the circular economy that is essential to meeting global sustainability goals.

“The Coral Eyewear team is incredibly inspiring in its efforts to provide an alternative to virgin plastic frames that are stylish, but most importantly support the circular economy,” says Alexander. “I’m always striving to make my home life more sustainable alongside promoting electric mobility through Formula E. I’ve competed in glasses for the past four years and I’m looking forward to switching my eyewear over to a sustainable option.”

George Bailey, Co-Founder and CEO of Coral Eyewear, explains: “Millions of pairs of glasses and sunglasses are manufactured from virgin plastic each year. It’s no longer good enough to make people choose between style and sustainability and that’s why I set up this business at university.

“Alexander’s environmental ethics align with ours and his career is evidence of the fact that eyewear, sustainability and high-performance can sit together perfectly. With Alexander wearing our glasses and sunglasses, we really believe we can change the way people see the entire eyewear industry and remove any stigma associated with recycled materials.”

The brand has launched its first range of glasses and sunglasses via Kickstarter where those looking to support the brand will benefit from exclusive pre-order prices and complimentary prescription lenses until July 30th (

In addition to Alexander, amongst Coral Eyewear’s supporters is entrepreneur, philanthropist and TV personality, Jake Humphrey.

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