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Zero Carbon World is a straight talking, no nonsense and pro-active charity that believes the UK’s dependence on an unsustainable carbon-based economy limits the potential for growth, innovation and wellbeing.

Zero Carbon World believes Electric cars are the future.  Transport, largely passenger cars, accounts for 34% of the UK’s GHG emissions.  A switch to electric cars would dramatically reduce this figure and result in cleaner local air and lower carbon emissions nationwide.

However, a common barrier to electric car adoption is the lack of places to plug in and charge, so the charity is donating free charging stations to business or organisation in the hotel, tourist or leisure industry.  In doing so, it has created ZeroNet, a simple, reliable and robust unrestricted national charging network that is loved by drivers.

I’m really proud of the work that Zero Carbon World has done over the years. More recently I have had more involvement myself in the charity and although I wish I could commit more time to it, its been great to see some good get done. We have continued to donate EV charging stations to various sites around the UK and enable more EV drivers to go places and charge up conveniently. It’s thankfully being taken over more by the commercial and Rapid Charging sectors but simple, easy to use destination charging will remain an important factor in EV uptake for many years to come.

Alexander Sims

About Alexander Sims

The 34-year-old Londoner has been involved in Formula E since the series’ inception in 2014, initially testing cars before securing a race seat in Season 5 with BMW i Andretti Motorsport. Highlights in his first season included a pole position and second place finish in New York. Alexander had an impressive start to his second season, taking pole positions for both races of the opening round in Saudi Arabia and taking his maiden win in race two. It also made him the first driver to take three consecutive pole positions in Formula E.

Alexander currently races for Mahindra Racing.

Alongside his Formula E racing activities, Sims is a passionate advocate for sustainability and electric mobility on the road, having owned and driven EVs since 2012 and aims to incorporate sustainable choices into his daily lifestyle.

|Driver: Alexander Sims|Team: Mahindra Racing|Number: 29|Car: Mahindra M7Electro|Car: Spark SRT05e|
|Photographer: Lou Johnson|Event: Preseason Testing|Circuit: Circuit Ricardo Tormo|Location: Valencia|Series: FIA Formula E|Season: 2021-2022|Country: Spain|Keyword: season 8|Keyword: season eight|Keyword: S8|Keyword: motorsport|Keyword: electric racing|Keyword: single seater|Keyword: open wheel|Keyword: 2021|