Conquering the Nordschleife

6th October 2020

I’ve had time to sit back and reflect on winning the 2020 ADAC TOTAL 24H at the Nürburgring, and here are my thoughts.

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Back to Berlin, back on track

31st July 2020

I’m very much looking forward to getting back on track with BMW for Formula E. It’s time to go racing!

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Even my glasses are sustainable, thanks to Coral Eyewear

27th July 2020

For some time now, I’ve been trying to make everyday choices and incorporate habits that make my lifestyle more sustainable.

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Formula E is the most difficult formula in motorsport

21st May 2020

Hugely complex systems, processes and considerations make Formula E an immensely challenging motorsport discipline. We take a closer look at what drivers need to consider.

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Thank you: The motorsport community comes together to support the NHS

9th April 2020

In difficult times, people and communities come together. I’m extremely proud to be part of the motorsport community, which has shown incredible generosity in recent weeks.

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The charity helping improve the UK’s charging infrastructure, Zero Carbon World

25th February 2020

When I started driving an EV some eight years ago, there was very little in the way of a reliable and accessible charging network in the UK.

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