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Solar installation

I’d been keen to install solar on a scale that could make a discernible difference, for some time.  When we moved to our current home we were fortunate to have enough land to finally do so.

All necessary applications made and permissions received, The Phoenix Works (now Egg – Cracking Energy) installed 108 solar pv panels in my field.

The total panel output capability is 35 kW but mated to my SolarEdge inverter we’re actually getting 27 kW.

The result was no less than I expected but it’s still satisfying to be see regular production of over 100 kWh this summer and a registered max of 254 kWh.

Equally satisfying is seeing a decent chunk every month being exported back to the grid.





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About Alexander Sims

The 36-year-old Corvette Racing driver has been involved in motorsport since he was 10 years old, initially racing karts before moving on to single seater, GT and Endurance racing and most recently four seasons in the all-electric FIA Formula E World Championship. With wins across the board including Spa 24 hours, Nurburgring 24 hours, Petit Le Mans and the Diriyah E Prix Sims continues to showcase his skill and race raft on the global stage.

Alongside his racing activities, Alexander is a passionate advocate for sustainable technology and electric mobility on the road, having owned and driven EVs since 2012, and aims to incorporate sustainable choices in his daily lifestyle wherever possible.